About us

Lion d'or is an independent family company located in Hauts de France, in two different sites/ Raches (59194) and St-Quentin (02100). We ripe bananas for more than 3 generations.

With a strong collaboration with our suppliers, we offer bananas from the French Antilles, Africa (Cameroun and Cote d'Ivoire), America ( Colombia, Costa Rica, Equator and Dominican Republic). We also offer organic bananas.

We work on these different origins by focusing on a reliable supply network with our suppliers and producers certified GlobalGap and / or Rainforest Alliance. This positioning confirms our independence and allows us to meet a large demand on the French market.

Our main forces:

- We have our own transport logistics, composed of 15 carriers and 3 semi-trailers, which allows us to ensure a quality delivery service and product traceability without any intermediaries.


- Our own team of ripening bananas 


- Open to any demands and requests 

- A family owned business

We are looking forward to extend our bananas chambers from 31 to 35 fir the year 2021.